Unknown Prospect

Art Design Photography

Altrenzo Key- Photographer/Designer for hire

Boston/ Pennsylvania/ New York / LA / Miami

I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburg in 1993 with a major in Fine Arts. I extended my education to include Business Management, Cinematography, and Computer Science. During my schooling I produced a magazine called "Real Style" Magazine which higlighted the music, art, fashion and entertainment industry. That brought me into the world of photography where I perfected my vision through the lens.  

I relocated to my birth place of Boston where my connections allowed me to open a design studio called "Digital Kaos". At that time I broadened my knowledge to the print industry and became a color specialist at Chroma Copy. My job gave me the necessary skills in cross formatting PC to Mac and all spectrum printing. From newspaper to large format print, photo retouching and studio photography, I have done it all. While I was there I also had a chance to work with major recording labels. Then I began designing and printing for labels such as Sony, EMI Music, Capital Records, BMG, Hilltop Records, and the legendary Funky Fresh Productions.  

In my spare time I was devoted to building Digital Kaos into a photography and design studio within Walts Audio. There I teamed up with Trump Productions and became the leading photographer and marketing director. I started producing for a local artist, Slaine, and built my portfolio. I also began to focus on upcoming bands, marketing and designing their image. Some artists I collaborated with include The Kreators, Hooks, XL, DJ G Square, New Youth, and others in Boston's Underground.

Currently, I reside in Boston with my wife and three kids. As a father whose kids have taken an interest in photography, they have heightened my viewpoint to see photography through their eyes. Their curiosity brought the world of photography full circle. They opened my visual design and took it into another era.   

Unknown Prospect is to bring the unknown to light. My vision for Unknown Prospect is to open the world of photography to the public and highlight all abilities as a networking tool. I will spotlight many artists in the photography and design field. Not only those that I know but I hope you reach out to share your work as well. 

Whether it's head shots, runway or that special moment with your kids, I am able to capture that moment in time just as you see it.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your vision!